Church renovation


Publication of the public order on the work on      the renovation of the wooden church of the Virgin Mary of Snows in Velké Karlovice.

The object of the public order is work on the renovation of the wooden church of theVirgin Mary of Snows in Velké Karlovice in regards with the wooden parts of the church (the roof, shingles, woooden flooring on the organ gallery) and bells. The church is registered as a cultural monument of the Czech republic under number 28932/8-349. Because of this, the requirements of the project focus on maintaining the original parts, and using materials and building technologies as close to the original as possible.

On the 5the May of 2015 the contractor – The Roman-Catholic parish of Velké Karlovice – decided, in respect with the outcome of the evaluation commission, to choose the best offer according the requirements of the public order. The firm that has given the best offer was: TESLICE s. r. o. Vsetín.

About the project

The aim of project is the renovation of the church of the Virgin Mary of Snows in Velké Karlovice. This church is the central monument of the village because it has a very unique construction in the whole region and surrounding area. The object of renovation is the replacement of the old rotten shingles on the roof, renovation of the parts of the roof that are damaged. There is danger in delay, that means that the damage may be unreversible. Alongside there will be done maintenance of the bells of the church and the organ gallery. The renovation will stop degradation of the building by pests in the wood.

The basic information about the project
  • Titel of the project: Renovation of the roof and shigles of the church of the Virgin Mary of Snows.
  • The Program: Financial mechanism EHP 2009-2014, CZ06 –  Cultural heritage and contemporary art.
  • Program subsection: PA 16 – Conservation and revitalisation of the cultural and natural heritage.
  • Registration number of the projectEHP-CZ06-OV-1-022-2014
  • Given grant: 5.048.487 Kč /In czech currency/
  • Partners of the project: The village of Velké Karlovice and the Archdiocese of Olomouc.
  • Project realisation: 12.1.2015 – 31.3.2016
  • Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.